Habitcue: Build Better Habits

A smart and data-driven app to help you build better habits

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1. Plan and schedule a habit

Schedule a habit every day or every X days in a week or in a month. Set a time for reminders to keep you updated.

2. Track your progress

Track your progress with the built-in Power Charts ⭐, progress indicators, calendar, streaks to keep you motivated and committed.

3. Stick with your habits

Increase better habit retention with Power Habits, Social Habit Contracts ⭐, and Achievements ⭐.

Available on iOS and Android

Launching soon on macOS, the web and wearables


For a price* of a coffee, you get to build more habits and improve your life

Premium Monthly

$2.99 /per month
  • Power Habits ⚑
  • Unlimited Habits 🧘
  • Unlimited Check-ins βœ”οΈ
  • Unlimited Reminders πŸ””
  • Real-time Account Sync
  • Progress Tracker
  • Privacy Lock
  • Ads Free
  • Priority Support from Founders
Coming soon to Premium
  • More Power Habits ⚑
  • Social Habit Contracts 🀼
  • Power Charts πŸ“ˆ
  • App Customizations 🎨
  • Integrations and more!

Premium Yearly (UPTO 37% OFF)

$1.99 /per month
  • Discounted Yearly Access to Habitcue Premium πŸ’―


$0.00 /per month
  • Basic Progress Tracker
  • Limited Real-time Account Sync
  • Limited To 3 Habits
  • 10 Check-ins Per Week
  • Limited to 1 Reminder
  • Contains Ads
  • Support from Founders

* Pricing may vary depending on the country and is subject to applicable taxes

Atomic Habits: How to Get 1% Better Every Day - James Clear

Atomic Habit is the team's inspiration for building better habits and Habitcue.

DISCLAIMER: James Clear and his company is not affiliated, in any way, with Pexelerate & Habitcue.

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Latest updates for Habitcue, habits and productivity hacks.

May 11, 2021

Launching Habitcue to Open Beta Testing πŸš€

We’ve invited our friends and some folks in the habits community to test our app, and it’s been a fun learning experience so far. Now, we’re excited to invite you. Download the beta apps from TestFlight or Google Play.

Joshua de Guzman